Thank you to all the individuals, the companies, and organizations that helped during the wind event!

You are all greatly appreciated.  We have a strong community!







The August Regular Township Meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 13th at 6pm at the Fire Station.


The September Regular Township Meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 10th at 6pm at the Fire Station.


The October Regular Township Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 08th at 6pm at the Fire Station.





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The Shelly Company won our 2024 paving bid.




Regular meetings occur on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6pm at the Fire Station.  Our meetings open with time scheduled for public participation.


As always, you can call or email the Trustees or Fiscal Officer with any issues prior to the meeting you would like raised.





***Our billing address is PO Box 191, White Cottage, OH  43791***




Below is the first junk vehicle notification letter that a number of residents have received:


Resident Name

Resident Address

Resident Address


Resident Name,

 This letter is to inform you that Newton Township is requesting you remove junk vehicles from your property pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 505.871.  An ongoing concern for residents is junk/disabled, wrecked vehicles within the Township.  We are trying to police and clean up the problem ourselves without other agencies or zoning laws that could be voted in place by residents of the Township.  Should zoning laws be put in place there would be no going back.  Zoning laws can be strict enough that you might not be able to have any disabled vehicles without being housed in a building or enclosure.

People that own these vehicles may think that this is none of anybody’s business, but it is when you consider the possible impacts on children with environmental or health problems, and when it is bad enough it can drop and devalue neighbors and community property values.  As Trustees we understand that cars can be purchased for parts and to repair other vehicles, or are in some cases future collectible, and can be a “work in progress.” 

 You can have two (2) junk/disabled cars with the potential of being fixed or repaired on each property.  Vehicles beyond repair will not fall under this category and will be subject to removal.  Vehicles that fit the “junk vehicle” definition in Ohio Revised Code 505.173 are 1) more than 3 model years older, 2) apparently inoperable; and 3) extensively damaged, including, but not limited to: missing wheels, tires, engine, or transmission.  There is no consideration given for the value of the vehicle.

 We hope you choose to remove the vehicles while you can still receive cash money for each one.  Collectibles or vintage cars need to be covered or housed in a building.  Any junk vehicles you don’t want to remove will require a presentable 8-foot-high solid fence constructed of wood, vinyl, or metal siding, that totally surround and enclose the area in which the area the cars are being parked in with a working gate into this area.  This fence should be well constructed, straight, and true to withstand weather and time.  Used tin or used siding, misshaped or partial wood sections, or pallets are not acceptable for fence construction.

 If you want or need any assistance in removal of the vehicles you can call a Trustee, or one of the following numbers:

1)      Miller Wrecking – (740) 452-1570

2)      Perry County Scrap Yard – (740) 891-7184

3)      Cash for Junk Cars – (888) 871-4488

4)      Junk Car Buyer – (844) 913-1179

5)      Wheelzy – (855) 294-0940

6)      Hopewell Auto Wrecking – (740)452-7313

Hopefully you are willing to help us resolve this problem.

                                                                                                                 Thank you for your attention,

                                                                                                                                                Newton Township Trustees




If you are a Township resident without insurance and you receive a bill from the Fire Department's billing company for medical and/or transport services you should contact Craig Knox to inform him and let him work to resolve the matter.


Missed a meeting lately?  Please go to meeting overviews and take a look at what you missed....  as minutes are approved for the meeting prior you will see them posted in a timely manner normally within a week of the next month's meeting.  Example = January minutes are approved at February's meeting then converted and posted.


Want to know what Trustee to contact about an issue?

1) A road listing with assigned Trustee areas.

How to rent the facilities

ALL visitors and residents using Newton Township facilities must sign hold-harmless agreements prior to use.

If you would like to rent a room at the Firehouse you should now call 740-661-4004  and leave a voicemail or you can email:  and someone will return your call or email.  Simply call the number above or send an email with with your dates and times and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Any updates, questions, or suggestions about our website?  Contact Trustee Derek Dozer @ 740-819-8231.

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