Township Roads


Road Trustee   Road Trustee   Road Trustee
Avalon Drive Elson   Heckel Drive Slack   Pete Hope Lane Elson
Avondale Streets Slack   Holbert Lane Slack   Porter Run Road Dozer
Broadvue Circle Slack   Hoover Avenue Dozer   Powell Drive Slack
Bush Run Road Dozer   Hoover Street Dozer   Rabbit Drive Dozer
Butcherknife Road Dozer   Huggins Road Dozer   Railroad Street Dozer
Butler Road Slack   Ironspot Streets Dozer   Rebecca Drive Dozer
Carson Road Elson   Janette Drive Dozer   Ridgley Road Elson
Central Dozer   Jonathan Drive Elson   Jenkins Addition Elson
Chadwick Drive Elson   Lakewood Drive Slack   Roberts Addition Dozer
Cinema Drive Dozer   Leffler Road Dozer   Rucker Road Elson
Circle Drive Elson   Lewellyn Road Slack   Sandra Drive Dozer
Crock Road Slack   Loop Road Dozer   Shaw Road Slack
Dennis Road Slack   Lower Kroft Road Elson   Sheila Lane Dozer
Dilts Lane Elson   Mahon Road Slack   Sheila Circle Dozer
Dona Drive Dozer   Malibu Lane Elson   Slack Road Elson
Dollings Dozer   McFarland Drive Dozer   Stiers Dozer
Dumolt Lane Elson   Mona Drive Dozer   Stine Road Elson
E. Darlington Slack   Morrison Road Slack   Thorn Drive Slack
Fletcher Road Dozer   Moxadarla Road Slack   Thompson Run Road Elson
Ford Road Elson   Moxahala Place Slack   Tignor Road Slack
Foxfire Drive Elson   Newton Drive Slack   Tipton Road Slack
Freedom Lane Slack   Nutter Road Elson   Washington Street Slack
East Fultonham Streets Dozer   Old Glory Drive Slack   White Cottage Streets Elson
Georgia Pines Slack   Opera Road Elson   Workman Road Elson
Greenhouse Road Slack   Pace Road Dozer   Yost Slack
Harlen Road Dozer   Payne Road Dozer   Zella Drive Elson

Newton Township has made every effort to ensure all the information listed on this website is accurate and up to date.  This information can and may change without notice.  We can not be responsible for any inaccurate or omitted information.

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