Public Access Policy

Newton Township

   Policy #01-04              

(Adopted November 12, 2004)   


These rules and regulations shall govern public access to the firehouse and to all township buildings and grounds.

  1. This policy replaces any and all previous policies regarding public access to township buildings and facilities.
  1. The use of the firehouse by the public shall in no way seriously infringe upon the operation of the Newton Township Volunteer Fire Department.
  1. Civic and non-profit organizations and other interested parties may request the use of portions of the firehouse and/or grounds by submitting a completed application to the fire chief or assistant chief.
  1. Such civic and non-profit organizations and parties using portions of the firehouse shall be responsible for any damage over and above the ordinary wear, and shall, if required, pay the actual expense for any security measures deemed to be necessary by the fire chief and/or the Board of Trustees.  A refundable deposit fee of $100 may be required.
  1. Any group or individual using portions of the firehouse must provide adequate adult supervision for any and all minor children who are part of the group.  
  1. Unless otherwise authorized by the fire chief and the Board of Trustees, the areas of the firehouse available for public use shall be limited to the meeting rooms, the kitchen, cafeteria, and gym.
  1. A township employee may be required to be available on site when the firehouse is being used under the provisions of this policy. (A volunteer fire fighter is considered a township employee.) The organization, group, or party using the facility may be required to pay the cost of having this employee present.
  1. The fire chief and the Board of Trustees shall establish rental fees for the use of portions of the firehouse and other township facilities. Any required fees and deposits are payable in advance. The cost of any security measures deemed necessary is also payable in advance. Such fees and deposits are required to confirm a reservation. Any rental fees or donations received from civic groups or non-profit organizations using the firehouse will be turned over to the Township Clerk for deposit in township accounts and shall be applied to the cost of operating and maintaining the building.
  1. All rentals will be on a first come, first served basis.
  1. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the firehouse or on the grounds or on any Township property.
  1. Smoking is not permitted in township buildings.
  1. This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis by the fire chief and the Board of Trustees and is subject to revision at any time.



Click here for the Newton Township Public Access Building Fee schedule



Please stop by the Fire Station, call a Township official, or ask a Fire Department representative for an application.



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