June 2017


Newton Township Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017.  Those in attendance were Newton Township resident John Phillips; Caroline Henry and Amber Deleon with Grow Ohio, Brad Boyer with The Shelly Company; Larry Taylor, Road Maintenance Supervisor; Chief Allen Deaver of the Fire Department, Assistant Chief & EMS Coordinator Craig Knox of the Fire Department; James R. Smith and Robert Stephenson, Charles R. Elson, Township Trustees and Derek Dozer, Fiscal Officer.

Meeting was called to order by Trustee Smith at 6:00pm.

Pledge to the flag was led by James R. Smith.

Agenda approved.

Minutes were approved as presented.

Public Participation:

Caroline Henry and Amber Deleon with Grow Ohio

Were here to discuss the proposal they wanted to submit to the State to be a medical marijuana grower in Newton Township.  Asked if the Township had any ordinances in place or regulations against a facility starting up in the Township.  The property at the Old Cement Plant will be submitted as the location.  The trustees and Company representatives had discussion about security, the 52 jobs the facility would bring to the Township, the building would be around 55,000 square feet.   There will be 12 tier 1 licenses and 12 tier 2 licenses in the State to start.

Bids for paving in the Township

Bids were as follows:

                                Broadvue Cir      Zella                       Cinema                 McFarland           Moxadarla

Shelly Co.            129,981.25           14,506.65             9,990.60               17,100.15             74,127.75

Neff                       160,965.55           15,152.95             12,087.00             17,702.15             94,210.59

Gura McKee       169,425.00           15,021.00             10,344.00             17,706.00             98,890.00

Trustees looked at the bids and elected to move forward with the Shelly Company.

Trustee Stephenson made the motion to contract with The Shelly Company to pave Zella, Broadvue Circle area, Moxadarla (from Panther to Darlington) and Cinema for a total cost of $228,606.25 per the 4 winning bids.  Trustee Smith seconded the motion and all 3 agreed.  Motion passed.  Work will begin on the paving later this Summer.



Fire Department Business

Crawmer did $800 fix on medic.

Quotes have been requested to enclose eaves and soffit for porch at Upper FD entrance.

A stucco bid has been requested to repair the building.

FEMA Approved the turnout gear and helmets to complete the rest of the grant.

The gym will be closed for use for a while.  People using the gym have torn down both basketball rims on each end of the gym.  Jeffrey Cohen will be adding new cameras to the gym and other areas of the property to enhance security.

Reminder that need to attend the meeting to roll back the Levy as promised.

The FD requested to purchase scheduling software.  Having 41 employees the cost will be $2,495 annually.  Trustee Elson made motion to purchase/contract with ALADEC software moving forward as needed.  Trustee Smith seconded the motion and all 3 agreed.  Motion passed.

Road Report

Nothing new to report.

Old Business

                Jeffrey Cohen is almost done installing cameras at the Township garage.  The cameras are meant to provide security and to prevent theft.  The cost will not exceed $5,000.  The Trustees will decide later whether the cameras will cell phone live compatible.

New Business

                Nothing more to report.              

Trustees Reports:

                Nothing further.

Payment registers, appropriations, fund status reports, grass roots clippings received.

All bills presented were deemed to be valid expenditures and were to be paid as presented.

Next regular meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 6:00pm at the Fire Department.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm


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