March 2016


Newton Township Trustees met in regular session on Tuesday, March 08, 2016.  Those in attendance were John Phillips and Eric Robinson Township residents; Larry Taylor, Road Maintenance Supervisor;  Assistant Chief & EMS Coordinator Craig Knox of the Fire Department.  James R. Smith, Robert Stephenson, and Charles R. Elson, Township Trustees; Derek J. Dozer, Township Fiscal Officer.

Meeting was called to order by Trustee Elson at 6:00pm.

Pledge to the flag was led by Charles Elson.

Agenda approved.

Minutes were approved as presented.

Public Participation:

Eric Robinson – Wants to talk about the mess in Avondale.  Zemba is bullying everyone.  He has been on the phone with OSHA, no trench boxes, no flaggers, no safety.  Trustee Smith spent 4 hours with Don Madden from the County and Commissioners.  Robinson called the EPA due to taking soil and putting back sand.  Market street is a mess.  What can he do?  They are using a 100 ton dump truck on the streets.  Zemba driver told him “we have the right-of-way and can go where we want.”  EPA said they have permits.  They are doing very little if any compacting which is going to create major problems later.

Fire Department Business

Feb numbers = 21 Fire runs and 56 EMS runs for a total of 77.

FDIC conference is in Indy.

Level 1 Class last Sunday.  Level 2 class starts April 3rd.  1/3 through EMT class.

1082 Medic at Lucas since March 1st.

8K worth of equipment will need to be purchased for grant.  This was motioned by Trustee Smith and seconded by Trustee Elson.  All three trustees agreed to purchase the equipment

2017 grant through the Ohio Department of Development was submitted.

FEMA grants will be awarded before long.

Building and Grounds inspections were completed by Robbie Chambers.

Controls have been completed on boiler.

Sign antenna will be around $2,400.00 to make sign work again.

CDBG Grants could be applied for by boiler if not used for roads.

Tignor and Shirer are no longer on the Fire Department.  Have 8 applicants, 7 with conditional employment and 2 starting right in.  Josh Tilton and Marty Mercer employment was discussed.

Road Report

Larry Taylor

-          Graded 4-5 roads and have been working on hole repairs as it warms up.

-          Leffler needs stoned.

Old Business

More talk about Avondale.  It is a complete mess.  No compaction is a very serious issue as work will be done then the holes and work will sink and create problems for us later.

Commissioner Porter was called about Fletcher Bridge.

Slack Bridge may not happen again this year.  Weight has been reduced.

Hargrove – Meeting at 2pm on March 14th.

21st Stephenson will be out of pocket due to surgery.

Old Glory will be cut out and replaced as weather allows.

Lewellyn is really bad.  People who have no business on the road are purposely tearing it up with 4*4s and not a whole lot the Township can do.

New Business

Nothing further.

Trustees Reports:  – Nothing further

Fiscal Officer reports:

·         Presented payment registers, fund status reports, bank reconciliation, grass roots clippings.

All bills presented were deemed to be valid expenditures and were to be paid as presented.

Next regular meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 12th, 2016 at 6:00pm at the Fire Department.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm

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