September 2013


Newton Township Trustees met in regular session on Tuesday, Sept 10, 2013.  Bob Mock, John Phillips, Larry Lake, Sherry Ziemer, Township residents; Larry Taylor, Road Maintenance Supervisor; Craig Knox,  Fire Department; James R. Smith, Robert Stephenson, and Charles R. Elson, Township Trustees; Derek J. Dozer, Township Fiscal Officer.

Meeting was called to order by Trustee Elson at 7:01pm.

Pledge to the flag was led by Charles R. Elson.

Agenda was approved as read.

Minutes were approved as presented.

Public Participation:

Larry Lake of 5910 4th Street in East Fultonham.  Presented information last month on signs and was present to see what status was.   Trustee Stephenson explained the situation on why signs were put up.  He explained that only 1 child to put them up.  Mr. Lake explained that the Jennings were gone.  Have kids sitting in street in lawn chairs and even a wheelchair.  Trustee Stephenson feels signs could be taken down, can talk more.  Another issue is girl playing in street in wheelchair.   Mr. Lake explained that in all his years he’s never seen a child get hit except one by the ice cream truck.  Not trying to be harsh but my goodness.  Trustee Stephenson made motion to remove the stop signs on Axeline & Cannon and all the “new” signs that were recently put up.  Trustee Elson seconded the motion.  All three agreed.

Bob Mock – Water Department is out of control.  Digging up roads.  Greenhouse, Thorn, Nolan, Moxadarla.  Dozer will send notice to Maysville Regional Water department reminding them that Newton Township has standards for digging up roadways and road repair has to meet standards.  

Fire Department Business

Knox reporting:

-          Presented numbers for previous month.

-          Shipley presented driving abstract.  No infractions so can he drive?  All 3 trustees agreed.

-          Kitchen is open.

-          Medic 1081 is at Horton.  3 weeks to completion.

-          Post Office is holding meeting here on Sept 19th.

-          Golf outing is Sunday.

-          Sept 29th is chicken BBQ with Craft Show.

-          Nothing more to report.

 Road Report

Larry Taylor

-          Discussion on salt storage and purchasing salt for upcoming winter.

-          Patching done in Georgia Pines.

-          Patch in store at E. Fultonham is completed.

-          Patching at Mona drive is completed where washed out.

-          Discussion on culvert at Charles street.

-          Ditch on Holbert that Maysville Water went up has washed out again.

-          Speed sign at trailer court on Moxadarla needs replaced.

-          Potholes on Panther.

Old Business

Old Glory – upper side of road is breaking up in places.

Street lights on 93/Fultonrose Rd.  Question on Anderson, Gussler, Carr and Melick.

New Business

Nothing additional.

Trustees Reports:

Elson – Any news on guardrails?  Would like to see them by time snow flies. 

Smith – Nothing further.

Stephenson – Ditching on Ridgley.

Fiscal Officer reports:

·         Read off Safety materials from Frank Gates.

·         Presented payment registers, fund status reports, bank reconciliation, grass roots clippings.

All bills presented were deemed to be valid expenditures and were to be paid as presented.

The next regular township meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at 7:00pm in the township meeting room.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

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