March 2013



Newton Township Trustees met in regular session on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 @7:00 pm in the township meeting room at the fire department.  Those in attendance were:   John Phillips, Janet Paxson, Connie Turner, Tad Lantz, Township residents; Larry Taylor, Road Maintenance Supervisor; Larry Geiger, Allen Deaver, Craig Knox, Josh Bryan, Fire Department; James R. Smith, Robert Stephenson, and Charles R. Elson, Township Trustees; Derek J. Dozer, Township Fiscal Officer.

Meeting was called to order by Trustee Elson at 7:00pm.

Pledge to the flag was led by Charles R. Elson.

Agenda was approved as read.

Minutes were approved as presented.

Public Participation:

Tad Lantz – Going to start a milking operation on Porter Run Rd. on family farm.  Pouring concrete in the near future.  Would like to have the entrance of the road to the North 3-4 feet wider for semi traffic.  Trustee Smith will look into this.  Lantz presented blueprints for the Trustees to look over.

Janet Paxson – Would like to get the deed to the Town Hall in Fultonham if we are the rightful owner of it so they can do work on it.  Jim Workman is their attorney.

Norm Gill – Two major potholes on Lower Kroft Rd.  There is also a row of potholes at Bagley and Lower Kroft.  Workman Rd. going out of the Township is ongoing problem but #8s are sticking.

Jim Delucas – Brought check for $811.98 for Township’s refund for insurance paid.  Al Washington is the local agent.  Jim is here to put the name with the face and wants to provide good service.  He explained how they pay new for old if the fire equipment gets damaged and said the Township is insured to 3M per claim.  Township’s insurance bill is expected to be around $32,000 in 2013.

Fire Department Business

Deaver reporting:

-          Kitchen is coming along.  Equipment is ordered.

-          Would like to request $2,000 of $3,000 budgeted to be used for equipment in the Training Room.  Trustee Stephenson made a motion to allow up to $2,000 to be spent for Training Room upgrades at this time.  Trustee Elson seconded it and it was approved by all three.

-          Water bill has jumped drastically.  Allen will be talking to water department trying to figure out if this is a leak of what is going on.  This is not a good time of year to roll out such a dramatic increase basically doubling the water budget for the year.  By revised code the water supplied to the trucks is free of charge.

-          Maysville Water will be expanding on Darlington and Welsey Chapel Rd and they are asking that we consider putting in 2 hydrants.  A proposal on the costs was submitted.

Road Report

Larry Taylor

Been putting down a lot of stone.  Roads still soft.  Haven’t ordered the culvert yet.  County hasn’t fixed the guardrails yet.  Fletcher approach is County issue as well.  Trustee Stephenson said they will be meeting with the County on Thursday afternoon.

Old Business


New Business

Trustee Smith – Need roof on Salt Building and can put addition on the back of the building which will be very helpful with equipment storage.  Addition will be 30 by 32 if approved.  Stephenson made a motion to put the roof the bin for an amount not to exceed $3,295.  Smith seconded the motion and all 3 agreed.  Mumford will be doing work and Smith will pick up tin from Millers.  Building addition was tabled until the end of the Summer and finances will be considered at that time.

Trustee Smith – Talked to Art at 20/20 and oil has not surprisingly went up.  A 16 foot wide road will likely be $11,650 a mile or more.

Trustee Smith – There are some road signs that need repaired.  Need to order signs and have them ready to put in.  Road inventories need to be completed each month or quarterly as work is being done.

Trustee Stephenson – Ohio Bell attorney had him contact an investigator.  Investigator said after talking to him that they are going to release the claim.  He also said the Health Department said the Boyd property is better than it was before.

Trustees Reports:

Elson – Nothing further. 

Smith – Nothing further.

Stephenson – Nothing further.

Fiscal Officer reports:

·         Received FEMA check for $19,283 for wind storm last June.

·         Precision GeoPhysical Inc will be doing work South of Fultonham to the Perry County line.

·         Hillsway Ag has closed and will be joining JD Equiment.

·         An industrial mining permit was presented received on section 25 on 99 acres in Fultonham.

·         A road inventory from the County was received showing mileage of 59.434 miles.

·         $50 check for using room and appreciation from Pieceable Quilters Guild.

·         Copies of the following notices were provided to each of the trustees;

                                Payment register, fund status reports, bank reconciliation, grass roots clippings.

All bills presented were deemed to be valid expenditures and were to be paid as presented.

The next regular township meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 at 7:00pm in the township meeting room.

Meeting adjourned at 9:03 pm.

Newton Township has made every effort to ensure all the information listed on this website is accurate and up to date.  This information can and may change without notice.  Meeting overviews are meant to serve as short informational updates on township business.  We can not be responsible for any inaccurate or omitted information. 

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