November 2009




            Newton Township Trustees met in regular session on Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 7:00 pm in the township meeting room.  Those in attendance were several township residents (see attachment); fire personnel; Jake Lutz, Jeff Lloyd, Bryce Cooper, Jeremy Yarger, Larry Gieger, and Craig Knox.  Road supervisor; Larry Taylor, township trustees; Derek J. Dozer, Charles R. Elson and James R. Smith; township fiscal officer; Bernadine E. Swingle.


            Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by chairperson, James R. Smith.


            Pledge of Allegiance was led by Smith.


            Agenda was approved as presented.


            Minutes were amended to read; following the remarks by Bob Mock, Dozer stated that in the future, contracts would be reviewed closer before bids were let / work was done.


            Public Participation:

            Bob Stephenson was on board to thank the public for their support in the recent election and was looking forward to working with the township trustee board, fiscal officer and fire department personnel.  He also took this opportunity to thank Elson for his service in the years he has served as township trustee.

            Fultonham board members, Janet Paxson, Connie Turner, and Peggy Milatovich were present to ask assistance of the township in clearing roads through the winter months as their costs are exceeding their revenues.  Dozer assured them, the township faces the same situation they are in and had they considered the purchase of equipment to do the job rather than contracting it out.  Smith questioned as to how many miles of roads might be involved; they had no idea.  Milatovich noted they have paid out $3000.00 - $5000.00 in the past winters and the money is just not there this season.  Smith assured them he and Taylor would do some checking of the roads in question and further consideration would happen at the December meeting.  Taylor did agree to clear Cemetary street when he is working Workman Road.


            Fire Department:

            Geiger reporting for the department; the march radios purchased from the county earlier this year are currently on station and ready to be installed.  Fire personnel will do this if possible but there may need to be some outside help required; cost for same was not discussed.  Billing for the radios will be $200.00 per month, billed on a quarterly basis.


            Knox reporting for the EMS department; monthly stats are current and copies were provided the trustees.  Runs continue to be stable in number, 3 runs during the night time hours were missed during the month of October.

            Township Liability policy and Building policy were presented for board approval.  Following some consideration and minor changes, the policy has been approved by Dozer, aye, Elson, and and Smith, aye.  This will be in place immediately and replaces any / all previous policies.  Copy of the policies attached.

            Mr. Karr (township resident) asked if it would be possible to provide the EMS billing company with a listing of all township residents to avoid being billed for expenses incurred that were not covered by their insurance company.  Knox noted he is currently working with them to attempt to find a way to get this in place.  Dozer suggested that possibly notice could be posted on the billing to township residents of this policy.


            Road Supervisor:

            Larry Taylor reporting;  cinders for road materials are not available at this time.  Would it be acceptable with the trustees to stock pile some sand at this time?  Dozer – aye, Elson – aye, Smith – aye.

            Crock road has been zipped, stoned and packed.  He asked the trustees to please accompany him to other roads they need to have zipped in the future.  All three agreed to do this.

            Foxfire road has been patched; however Maysville Water Department has done some work along the road in question, applied screenings, and the road is a mess.  Taylor was advised to contact the water department and ask them to clean up the road and smooth up the rough areas.

            Pete Hope Lane has been serviced.

            Georgia Pines subdivision, holes in the upper half have been filled.

            Smith indicated to Taylor there is a ditch problem at the end of Dona Drive and needs repaired.

            Dozer noted he has received an e-mail from some residents on Crock road and they are not happy with what has been done to their road.  However, due to funding issues there is not much choice.  Stiers lane definitely needs to be zipper as soon as possible.

            Smith noted the drainage problem on Sunset drive will be completely finished Friday am, November 6, 2009.


            Trustees Reports:

            Elson; nothing more than Foxfire and Pete Hope lane that has already been discussed.

            Dozer; he wanted Taylor to know he is very pleased with the work that has been completed on Crock Road.

            Smith; noted that possibly the township needs to look at the possibility of finishing the remaining portion of Thompson Run Road with asphalt next season.


            Old Business:  none to report.


            New Busniness:  none to report.


            Fiscal Officer Report:

            Bank bids have been advertised for and were to be presented at the meeting.  However, the only response was a renewal contract from Huntington Bank in Zanesville.  This was approved by Dozer – aye, Elson – aye, Smith – aye.

            A letter from the Ohio Rail Development Commission had been received earlier in October announcing new standards and policies for rail road crossings.  A copy of this letter was sent to Dozer, Elson and Smith on 10/22/2009.

            Notice has been received from Englefield Oil Company to notify the township there will be a 7% raise in petroleum products, effective 11/02/2009.  Taylor was notified of this on 10/15/2009 to be able to order whatever products needed before the increase becomes effective.

            Notice has been received from Morton Salt Co. that the company has been purchased by K+S Aketingesellschaft.

            O.D.J.F.S. has sent a second notice to the township of application for benefits from one Bryce Cooper who is one of the township firefighters.

            In speaking with one Andy Frank of Frank Gates, if possible, fire department payroll could be broken down into scheduled pay time and volunteer pay time; this would put part of the fire personnel into a lower rating for OBWC coverage.  Knox has agreed to check into this for the possibility of obtaining a partial refund for 2008 and paying at a lower scale for 2009.  Frank also has indicated we have been accepted back into the “pool” for ratings to lower our cost.  Dozer asked if we have yet been able to overcome the higher costs incurred by two previous employees.  The answer is yes, this is why we were able to be accepted back into the pool.

            Communication with one Kim Simon at Osh Kosh Capital Finance has indicated we could possibly pay off the ladder truck debt at the end of 2010.  If the annual scheduled payment is made, a payment could be paid at the end of the year, this would pay off the debt.  Providing a transfer of $100,000.00 be made from the fire fund into the capital projects fund would allow adequate funds to accomplish this.

            It was noted by the clerk, the Muskingum County Township fall banquet is on schedule for November 12 @ 6:30 pm at Timber Run Grange.  Dozer, Smith and B. Swingle have reservations in and state and county dues have been paid also.

            The township audit is ongoing.  A question has been raised as to whether the board intends to repay the $50,000.00 to R & B that was advanced out of G F in 2008.  in reviewing the financial reports, Dozer moved the money be repaid, second by Smith, Elson in agreement.

            Communication with the Sprint company indicates the township has been wrongly billed for cell phone service for at least the last 6 months.  Researching is currently taking place by the management of our billing since February, 2009 and will be sent to us when it becomes available. 

            As the township audit is continuing, the cell phone policy is not sufficient for what they require as is the credit card policy.  Recommendation of updating both has come to our attention.

The health care policy that has been in effect for many years is also in jeopardy as the auditor is suggesting we consider something different; possibly paying for health insurance coverage totally or pay nothing.  We also need to adopt a records retention policy.


Newton Township has made every effort to ensure all the information listed on this website is accurate and up to date.  This information can and may change without notice.  Meeting overviews are meant to serve as short informational updates on township business.  We can not be responsible for any inaccurate or omitted information. 

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