May 2009

Newton Township Trustees met in regular session on Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 7:00 pm in the township meeting room at the fire house.  Those in attendance as follows:  Craig Knox and Allen Deaver of the fire department; Bob Stephenson, Todd Stotts and David Searls, township residents; Larry Taylor, road superintendent; Derek J. Dozer, Charles R. Elson, and James R. Smith, township trustees; Bernadine E. Swingle, township fiscal officer.


            Meeting was called to order by chairperson Smith at 7:06 pm.


            Agenda was approved as presented.


            Minutes were approved as presented.


First order of business went to the fire department; Deaver reporting. 

                        *Presently he is choosing a “Levy” committee to begin campaign proceedings

                                    to have the levy appear on the November ballot.  The committee will

                                    consist of 1 member from the fire department, 1 member of the

                                    community, 1 member from the fire department auxiliary – any further

                                    members is yet to be determined.

*Request was made to install a security camera within the fire department

            building.  A lap top computer and some equipment from the game

            room have disappeared within the past week.  To avoid further problems,

            codes on the locks have been changed.  Approximate cost of the

            “security equipment” would be $6500.00.  This was tabled by the

            trustees until the next meeting.

*A “Mark 800” radio system is currently being initiated into as many public 

            security facilities state wide as possible.  By the year 2010, it is

            anticipated the entire state will be asked to do this to allow better

            communication between emergency facilities and law enforcement

            officials.  Muskingum County Sheriffs’ office has already been upgraded

            to the system and Deaver is requesting permission to proceed with the

            fire department upgrade.  User fees are $20.00 per month per radio.  At

            this time 10 radios are being requested, these being available at this time

            in Muskingum County at the cost of $200.00 each (pre – owned).  Total

            cost up front is $2000.00 with a grand total of $6800.00.  This would

            provide a radio to each fire vehicle and 2 medics.  Following much

            discussion; a vote was taken:  Dozer – aye, Elson – aye, Smith – aye.


Knox, EMS coordinator reporting:

*Stats are currently up to date, copies of all were provided to the trustees.

              Number of runs is averaging approximately same as 2008.  EMS

            Income / collections are greater than the cost of payroll.

*Purchase proposal; the EMS department has a grant pending in the

amount of $8000.00.  The cots that are in the medics presently

are approximately 20 years old and are not built to carry very

large patients.  New, heavy duty cots are specked out to carry

700# at the cost of $5000.00 each.  Two could be purchased for

$9300.00, this would require $1300.00 from the current funds

with the grant money that is available.  A service contract is available and would cost $200. per cot per year.  This would allow the cots to be checked twice a year.  If a problem with the cots develops, they would come on site to do repairs.  For an additional fee, all four cots could be covered in a service contract to maintain the old ones as back ups in case they are needed.  This cost would be $1915.00. This transaction must be completed by 06-30-2009 to receive the grant money.  The

trustees discussed the situation and tabled the decision until the

June meeting.


Next order of business went to road supervisor; Larry Taylor.

*The township crew is continuing to patch holes as necessary.

*Holbert and Yost roads continue to have problems.  Work is

            progressing currently to widen the narrow areas of the


*Dozer asked Taylor to secure a road marker for “Trouble Lane” in

            addition to adding a STOP sign at the same intersection.  This

            is the former Pidcock Road.


Trustees Report:

Dozer presented a letter from the County commissioner re; CDBG

            grants that will not be allowed to the township this year.  He

            was encouraged to re – submit next year.


Smith noted the McConnells have requested their fence not be of woven

            wire, but prefer 7 strands of hi-tinsel wire.  They were told as

            long as it stayed within budget, this was a possibility.


Elson brought up the idea of making pavement repairs to some of his designated roads.

             It was noted by the other trustees that Thompson

            Run Road was the designated major repair for the 2009 season.


Dozer moved work begin on Thompson Run road as soon as possible,

            second by Smith.  Vote taken; Dozer – aye, Elson – aye, Smith –



Old Business:

It was noted that Moxadarla road from Panther Drive to the bridge

definitely needs chip / seal this year.  An estimate will be



            New Business:

                        Dozer presented a letter from one Michael G. Gill re; a line fence problem with

his neighbors cows constantly getting out onto his property.  Due to personal reasons, Dozer abstained from further discussion / decisions to the matter.  Smith did volunteer to approach the resident about the problem and to also check on the fence.

                        Part time help will be called in the beginning of next week (05-18-09) to mow

                                    roadsides.  A suggestion was made concerning a second part time

                                    employee.  One Travis Lyon who currently mows cemeteries for the

                                    township is available 


            Fiscal Officer Report:

                        The following reports / correspondence were given to each trustee.

                                    May issue of Grassroots Clippings

                                    Letter from Commissioners re; allowing authorization award of bid for

                                                Asphalt Material Inc. for the Muskingum County Engineer.

                                    Letter from County Engineer Doug Davis re; cold mix available to the

                                                Townships at $48.00 per ton.

                                    Letter from URS re; Freedom of Information Act Request for Maysville

                                                Water and Sidwell Materials.

                                    Donation request from Sam Hatfield Stadium at Franklin Local Schools.

                                    Notice from Time Warner re; update of channels being carried.

                                    Copy of the letter to the Scenic Railroad re; crossing of township roads.


A copy of a notice from OhioEPA re; ground water treatment system to be

                                    Installed in Springfield Township meeting on April 20, 2009 was mailed

                                    to all trustees on 04-14-2009.


                        A resolution was presented retroactive to April 09, 2009 re; transfer of money

                                    from the EMS fund into fund # 3903 for payment on the medic.

                                    This was approved and signed by all three trustees.

                        The OTARMA contract is due for renewal in September.  This was presented for

                                    review of all items covered and approved as presented.

                        The annual contract agreement from Madison Township was presented for

                                    approval for another year.  All three trustees approved and signed the


                        OBWC annual membership dues was presented for review and approval of the

                                    Board.  Vote; Dozer-aye, Elson-aye, Smith-aye.

Barbara Knox has made it known she would be willing to voluntarily head up the

 scheduling of activities in the fire department building; to be

available to receive down payments and collect money due following the

activity.  This was taken under consideration by the board.


            All bills presented were determined to be valid expenditures and were to be paid as presented.


            The next regular meeting will be held on Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 7:00 pm in the township meeting room.

Newton Township has made every effort to ensure all the information listed on this website is accurate and up to date.  This information can and may change without notice.  Meeting overviews are meant to serve as short informational updates on township business.  We can not be responsible for any inaccurate or omitted information. 

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