September 2006

Newton Township Trustees met in regular session on Thursday, September 07, 2006 at 7:00 PM in the trustees meeting room at the Newton Township Fire Department.  Those in attendance were; Larry Taylor of Taylor and Sons Excavating; David E. Searls, township resident; Derek J. Dozer, Charles R. Elson, James R. Smith, township trustees and Bernadine E. Swingle, township fiscal officer.


Meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm by Dozer, chairperson.

 Agenda was approved as presented.

Minutes were approved as presented.

 First order of business went to Taylor who was concerned about the amount of water going through the septic system at this time.  The new system as designed was not intended to accommodate the amount of water we are currently running.  There does seem to be considerable water coming from the bus garage.  The drawings currently designed are for a 1000 gallon front tank and this probably is not sufficient.  All three trustees agreed this should be increased to a 2000 gallon tank.  Taylor assured them work would continue as planned with this change being made. 

David Searls states he needs a ditch from his driveway to the neighbor’s driveway.  He claims that when the Maysville Water Department put through the water line in front of his property line, the dirt was not distributed away from the road properly which is causing water run off onto his property.  Trustees stated he would probably need to install a culvert, which he says is alright with him.  This location is at 5820 Foxfire Road.

 Trustees reports:

 Smith reporting:


The wall removal in the old school house is nearly completed and will soon be ready to install the overhead door.

The newly purchased Asphalt Zipper seems to be working very well.

The Ironspot residents are unhappy with the new chip / seal job recently completed.  He (Smith) feels it looks good.

Jim Powell of Broadvue Circle has complained there are holes in front of his mailbox.

There is a very large tree in Avondale that needs to be removed, still checking as to whom the tree belongs.  Is it on township property or on personal property?


Elson reporting:

             Question; is Rodayle Drive officially township maintenance as residents there are complaining that the roadside needs mowed.  Dozer agreed to check on the status of same, but it is currently understood that it is still privately owned.

            Elson states the county has agreed to help pay for a guardrail to be installed on Stine Road as the township is going to do some work for them.   


Dozer reporting:

            Feels employee should be put on probation following an accident with the township 2000 Chevrolet pick up truck last week.  According to township personnel policy, this would require 1 year probation following damage of $2500.00 or more to township property.  Estimate on damage to the truck has been set at $2766.56.  Jarretts’ Body shop has been contracted to do the repairs.


New Business:

            Trustees agreed to the following schedule for road maintenance to be divided among all trustees:

            1st through 10th of each month - - Elson

            11th through 20th - -Smith

            21st through 31st - - Dozer


Fiscal Officer reporting:

             One firefighter on the fire department has listed her home address as Dutch School Road, Dresden.  Is this correct and is she eligible to be on the department if not living in the township?  In checking with chief Deaver, this is a parents’ address and she is currently living locally.

            Note was made that the gas bill from Englefield (Duke) for the fire department is considerably higher than in previous months.  Deaver agreed to check this out.

            An address / phone number is being requested for James Heating and Cooling LTD..  Smith agreed to contact same.

            A permit for “culvert installation” on Slack Road has been received.  Question; is a copy of the culvert resolution to be included with the permit on return to the land owner.  Trustees agreed this should be a yes.

            Notice has been received from the Muskingum County Engineers’ Office that “cold mix” will no longer be available for purchase after September 14, 2006.

            Local Government Funding figures for the year 2007 were presented from the County Auditors office for approval and signing.  This was completed by all three trustees.

            A contract for “road salt” has been received from Morton Salt Co. and needed approval from the board.  Cost is estimated at $48.74 delivered.  This was approved by all three trustees.

            Notice has been received from OBWC that one _________ has been awarded TPP amounting to; $4186.60 / knee injury 11-2002 and $6440.10 / shoulder injury 12-2004.

            The Perones’ on Roseville Road, Avondale are once again complaining of noxious weeds and trash on the property across the street from them.  State there is snakes polluting the area.

            Norma Lent of Old Town Road has asked for the trustees to check the property next to her home for junk cars being accumulated.  One Jimmy Talbert is currently living on the premises.  Dozer agreed to check on this situation.

            A resolution was presented for a new amended certificate to cover the $44,025.00 received from sale of old medic and for the $100,000.00 borrowed to cover cost of the new medic.  This to be added to the fire fund.  Resolution signed by all three trustees.

            Trustees were advised that money for township employee wages has been transferred from line item “ contract services” to line item “other salaries” to cover current wages.  Where would they (trustees) desire to pull more money from for future wages?  It was determined that part time help would be cut back as soon as possible.

             All bills presented were deemed to valid expenditures and were to be paid as presented.

            Next scheduled meeting will be held on September 26, 2006 at 7:00 PM in the township meeting room.

            Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.


Newton Township Trustees met September 26, 2006 at 7:oo PM for a second meeting of the month.  Those in attendance were; Larry Taylor, of Taylor excavating, Nate Atkins, township employee, Derek J. Dozer, Charles R. Elson, and James R. Smith, township trustees and Bernadine E. Swingle, township fiscal officer.

 Meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm by Dozer, chairperson.

 Agenda was approved as presented.

 Minutes were approved as presented.

 First order of business went to Larry Taylor, change order was presented to install the larger tank in the septic system at the cost of $1000.00.  Taylor states he should complete the job by the end of the week.

 Nate Atkins was given the floor as next order of business.  He has located an older dump truck at Center City International in Columbus, a 1995 4900 International, automatic transmission, and has 36000 miles on the odometer at the cost of $12500.00.  Cost of removing the bed and replacing it with a new one plus a tank is estimated at $4423.00.  Total cost of both at $16923.00.

Following some discussion, the trustees all agreed this was appropriate and for Atkins to proceed with purchase of same.

            Atkins commented that things are going well with T. Elson as the new employee.

            Jenny Roe at 2555 Slack Road has contacted the township re; the need of a culvert at the intersection of her driveway and Slack Road.  Elson has indicated to her that the road employees would install the culvert, she would be responsible for purchase of same.  She is to contact one of the employees or the township fiscal officer when the culvert is available.  All three trustees agreed they will no longer be responsible for installation of culverts from this time on.  Total cost of culvert and installation is up to the land owner and must be inspected and approved by township officials.

            Atkins also noted the tree in Avondale is still an issue.  Ownership of tree is still under investigation.  It is listed as property owner P. Smith at Main Street / Roseville Road.  Parcel # is not available at this time, still being checked out.  Dozer agreed to check with the county engineers’ office to possibly determine where the boundaries are located.

            Trustees asked Atkins to attempt to finish with part time employees by mid – October.

            The pick – up truck that was involved in an auto accident is scheduled for repairs the 2nd week in October at Jarretts’ garage in White Cottage.


Fire department personnel were not present to present any business at hand, chief Deaver has provided a listing of items that need some attention.

            The necessity of purchasing a chain saw and a partner saw “die” has been necessary.  Both were Stihl products and have been purchased from Beckert chain saw at state bid pricing.

            Deaver attended the National Fire Academy Leadership and Administration class earlier this month at the National Fire Academy in Maryland.

            The chicken BBQ was a success with 950 dinners being sold.

            The membership has elected by popular vote David Lovejoy and Shane Stephenson to be promoted to Lieutenant.  These are new positions and all current offices will continue to hold their rank at this time.

            Permission to purchase the “whale done” series by Ken Blanchard was asked by Deaver and approved by all three trustees.  They agreed this was an excellent series and this is a very reputable author.

            Email has been received from FEMA in regards to the Assistance to Firefighters Grant.  A few more questions had been raised to continue with the application of same.

            Request was made to purchase mattresses for the 3 bunk beds purchased earlier for the department.  All three trustees agreed to this purchase.

            Deaver has asked for consideration from trustees to look at the FD budget and set aside money to be dispersed on a point system as an incentive for department participation.  Trustees agreed this sounds workable, but need more information.

            Faucets in the restroom need to be replaced, do trustees have a suggestion as to who they might be purchased from that would be close / match the current ones in there.

            The air conditioning is complete and meets the code.

Trustees noted Deaver needs to be in soon for a job evaluation.  Deaver has been informed of this.


Trustees report:



2 school bus signs were needed to be installed on Thompson Run Road.  This has been done according to Elson

The old floor has been removed from the old school house building and the overhead door has been installed.  Much of the township equipment has been placed in the building.

Smith will check with Mark Kennedy as to his billing for same.


            Nothing to report.


            _________ of 5799 Hoover Ave. has been advised he has one week to rid his property of several junk vehicles or further action will incur. 

            Dozer has also spoken with Jimmy Talbert of Old Town Road re; junk vehicles.  Talbert has assured him they will be taken care of soon.

            Carl Barker of Avondale has called and has some holes near his property that need filled.


Old Business:

            N / A

 New Business:

            Smith suggested there might need to be tin put over the windows of the old school building and painted.  It would help secure the building and look somewhat better. 

            Dozer mentioned that one Paul Slack was having some electrical problems at the ball field area during Community Days and was also voicing some irritation as to the fact the bridge across the creek near Jarretts’ garage had not been put up this year.


Fiscal Officer reporting:

            Question, under probation, is employee eligible for holiday pay?  According to the township personnel policy book, no, trustees discussed same and agreed that he should be paid holiday pay starting with Thanksgiving of 2006.

            Question, are personal hours earned each year carried over into the next year etc..  This was tabled until the next meeting.

            Money budgeted for township employees in the Road and Bridge fund has been depleted.  Where do the trustees feel the money for the remainder of the year be taken from?  All three trustees agreed that our “Contract Services” in R & B is nearly complete and the remainder should be moved into “Other Salaries” in the R & B fund line.

            A resolution for a new “Amended Certificate” to cover $5000.00 from an EMS grant was presented for approval.  All three trustees agreed to same and signed resolution.

            Kathy Hanning has contacted the fiscal officer re; the NIMS report submitted by Dozer.  There is some speculation as to whether it was ever received.  Dozer agreed to check on this item.

            A check in the amount of $2516.56 has been received from Crawford and Co. for repairs to the Chevrolet pick – up damages.

            Notice has been received from OBWC that one Gary Sterling has been paid compensation through 10-25-06.

            Another notice from OBWC has been received re; the allowed settlement for employees claims.  Apparently this was not satisfactory with him as he has filed for this to be reconsidered.

            Careworks’ has contacted the fiscal officer re; _______– he was to have an additional back surgery September 15, 2006 to repair a leak in the membrane around the spinal cord.  This is a follow – up from a previous lower back surgery of June 2006.

 All bills presented were deemed to be valid expenditures and were to be paid.

 Next regular meeting will be held Thursday, October 12, 2006 at 7:00 PM in the township meeting room.

 Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.


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