November 2006

Newton Township Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, November 8, 2006 at 7:00 PM in the township meeting room at the fire house.  Those in attendance were:  Nathan Atkins, and Terry Elson,  township employees; Ralph Landerman, township resident; Allen Deaver, Jeff Swingle, and Larry Geiger of the fire department; Derek J. Dozer, Charles R. Elson, and James R. Smith, township trustees and Bernadine E. Swingle, township fiscal officer.


Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Dozer, chairperson.

 No additions necessary to the agenda.

 Minutes were approved as presented.

 Landerman was given the floor for the first order of business.  He was inquiring about the disposal of the “old” salt water truck from the township.  It was explained to him the truck would be advertised in the newspaper for secret bid within the next month, bids would be opened at the next regular township meeting.

 Fire Department Business; Deaver reporting

Deaver reported the “Bingo” was improving.  Dozer responded he has become neutral on this issue and could no longer be supportive of it.  The agreement between the department and trustee board at the beginning was; a report of same would be issued.  To date there has been no official report of proceedings of Bingo happenings.

 January 20, 2006 has been reserved at Eaglesticks for the annual fire fighters banquet.  There is a possibility a Valentines’ dance would be planned also.

 A health fair is in the planning stages, to be open to the public.  More information to follow.

 The boiler has been repaired and seems to be working fine at this time.

 A new server for the department computers is currently being sought.

 Landscaping around the building is under way under the direction of Barry Gerard.

 John W. Finley Jr. has reported Pierce has trucks scheduled to come off the line in January, March and May.  He has suggested the department should consider the purchase of the one coming off in March.

 Letters of fire department participation are prepared and ready to be mailed to Marilyn Hatem and Joel Gallaher.

 Medic 1081 (the new ambulance) sustained light damage to the exterior body on a recent emergency run.  Ace Trucking is currently checking it out.

 Trustees inquired as to possible projects / improvements for the department planned for 2007.  Deaver explained that anything left on the list for 2006 and possibly replaces the utility truck, which could possibly be done through a state grant.  Any thing else considered would be the remodeling of the bathrooms.  Trustees did advise all department members present that the purchase of a ladder truck would limit the amount of spending that could take place.  Trustees will consider the ladder truck purchase at a later time.

 Trustees Reports:

Smith reported that the lady living on the old Montgomery property on Opera Road is requesting the township road that runs to the house and stops, be permanently closed by the township.  Dozer stated he would check into what needs to be done to complete this issue.

The Bowers property on Harlan Road has a culvert that needs to be lowered to allow for proper drainage.

 The new salt truck is completely finished and ready to go on the road.

 Elson questioned as to whether the tree service that cut down the cottonwood tree at the garage would finish cutting the quite tall stump left standing.  Atkins stated they would come back and finish the job when the township men get the debris from the first cutting cleared away.

 Dozer had no road issues.  He did state the entrance off St. Rt. 93 onto Crock Rd. is a definite issue.  He was not sure how much of the apron belongs to the township and what is considered to be state property.

 The road inventory presented at the last meeting is being revised and divided per Dozer, this should be available at the next meeting.

 7:30 pm; meeting went into executive session to discuss personnel.

 8:00 pm; meeting returned to regular session.

 Herman Tipton in Avondale is having problems with roots once again growing into the drain located on his property; this is causing water to back up in his basement.  Smith agreed to check it out and possibly install a “trap” in the drain to keep drainage from the residents’ house.

 The ladder truck was once again discussed by the trustees. Advertisement for bids has been in the Times Recorder and are scheduled to be opened 11-13-2006 at 7:00 pm at the department.

 Clerks’ report;

 Asked as to whether trustees agreed to carry over employee sick days from one year to the next.  All trustees agreed this was not acceptable; Dozer will present an amendment to the policy at the December meeting.

 It was noted there needs to be more in depth information on the worksheets of the employees as to what their duties / work for the day has consisted of.  This type of information is required by the Loss Control board of our insurance company.  Both employees, being present, were encouraged to provide as much detailed information as possible on their daily time sheet report.

Also noted by the clerk, several dollars in expenses of the fire department is for supplies to maintain the building; i.e.; janitorial, paper supplies and kitchen supplies – all of which is being used at great length for the Bingo games /  attendees.

 Notice has been received from OBWC that ___________ has received compensation for weeks 10-26-2006 through 01-25-07.

Notice has been received from the Ohio Department of Commerce re; Division of Liquor Control / permit renewals are due.  If there is any one trustee’s desire to dispute, it must be done at this time.

 Notice has been received from Ohio Department of Commerce re; Division of State Fire Marshals’ office.  It states the fire department has not reported fires since 11-2005.  This leaves them ineligible for State or federal grant funds.  In speaking with Chief Deaver; there seems to be a problem with the department software, therefore all reports transmitted to the State office have not been received.  This has all been cleared through the state at this time according to Deaver.

 A notice from the Industrial Commission of Oho, Record of Proceedings stating the hearing scheduled for October 30, 2006 for ____ has been canceled.

 Careworks, the workers’ compensation provider for the township has received notice that one _____ has filed a claim for an injury on 9-30-06, treated on 10-09-06 for a needle prick received during an EMS run.  No loss of work claimed.

All bills presented were deemed to be valid expenditures and were to be paid as presented.

 Next regular meeting will be held, December 14, 2006 at the fire station meeting room at 7:00 pm.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.


An emergency meeting was called for November 15, 2006 at 7:00 pm for a decision on the purchase of a ladder truck.  This was eminent due to ordering the truck in a timely matter to receive the best possible pricing.  Following much discussion, all three trustees were in agreement to proceed with the purchase from Finley Fire in McConnelsville / Pierce Manufacturing at the cost of $749,000.00.  Agreement with the trustees was to pay down $200,000.00 and proceed with a 10 year loan from Osh Kosh Capital Financing at the rate of 4.85% interest.  Trustees asked that this include the privilege of paying off the loan earlier if possible with no penalty for doing same.

 Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.


Newton Township has made every effort to ensure all the information listed on this website is accurate and up to date.  This information can and may change without notice.  Meeting overviews are meant to serve as short informational updates on township business.  We can not be responsible for any inaccurate or omitted information. 

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