May 2006

Newton Township Trustees met in regular session on Thursday, May 11, 2006 at 7:00 PM at the Newton Township Fire Department building / trustees meeting room.  Those in attendance were; `Larry Geiger representing the fire department, Derek J Dozer, Charles R. Elson and James R. Smith, township trustees and Bernadine E. Swingle, township Fiscal Officer.


            Agenda was approved as presented.

             Minutes were approved as presented.

             First order of business went to the fire department, Geiger reporting.  The coin dies for the 50th anniversary celebration have been ordered through another company / FDIC conference.  Cost will be approximately $300.00.

 Bingo is slowing down, possibly due to time of year / skillathon games that have been initiated in the area.  Trustees again requested a quarterly report on the proceeds from Bingo.  Geiger stated he would have one available at the June meeting

 Clerk noted the water bill for April was considerable higher than normal, wondering if there is a water leak.  Geiger agreed to check it out with chief Deaver. 

One ____, a resident of Ironspot came into the meeting requesting some assistance from the trustees as to the location of his property line.

             Trustees Reports:

            Smith reporting; James Heating and Cooling came through with the best price for air conditioning in the gym and cafeteria areas.  Final cost with a 10 year warranty was $13650.00.  Half of this amount was requested to start and all three trustees agreed to allow James the job and to pay the asked amount of $6825.00.

                        Smith also reported that Jarretts’ have been approached re; the painting of the dump truck bed.  They were willing to paint, but were unable to sand blast the bed.  It was decided by the trustees to seek further options.

                        Some questions have been raised re; the closing of Butler Road.  It  has been determined that Butler Road was officially closed per the county in 1978.

                        Smith noted the salt – bin is bursting at the seams and has giving the township maintenance crew some advice as to how to repair the building.  This was agreed to proceed by all three trustees.

                        Trustees also agreed to meet at the township garage at 2:00 PM on May 31 to honor Fisher.

            Elson had nothing to report.

                        It was noted the current township garage facilities are too small for the equipment we have and Jarrett prefers not to house it in the future.  Jarrett has also requested that all the community days tables be removed from the building as well as the one tractor still there.  Smith noted he has an empty storage building in Avondale that some of the tables could be stored in for the present time.  This matter was tabled until next meeting when discussion of possibly taking down the old White Cottage school building will take place.

                        Dewey Ballard, resident on Harlan Road has requested some additional ditching be done.  He states the culvert is too high to drain properly.  Dozer agreed to contact him and set up a meeting at the problem area.

                        Dozer also noted he has left 2 voice mails with AEP re; the tree on the corner of the Loterbaugh property.  To date he has not received any further information from them.

             Old Business:  none reported.

             New Business:

 Elson asked that one Terry Elson be considered as a full time employee for the township when Fisher has retired.  It was agreed that Terry Elson would report to the next meeting to discuss the issue.

 Fiscal Officer reporting:

OBWC  has reported that we still owe a balance of $10,187.47 for the year 2005.  Swingle reported that our premiums are based on the annual payroll and the township payroll has increased approximately $24,000.00 in the last 5 years.  This is basically due to the addition of part time help.  Also, in speaking with one Andy Franks of Frank Gates, the injuries of Fisher and Sterling have caused a large increase in our premium.

Notice has been received from OBWC that ------- has requested additional back surgery and according to the latest information received, this should be allowed.

Muskingum County Commissioners have officially closed the alley in Hamilton Moore’s Subdivision in the Fultonham area as of May 04, 2006.

Notice received from OhioEPA re; Wakatomika Creek Watershed Water Quality has been mailed to all three trustees.

Tim Kieffer of 3245 Lakewood Drive has requested a permit to install a new culvert at this address as he is building a new driveway approximately 20 feet to the right of the existing driveway.

 All bills were deemed to be valid expenditures and were to be paid as presented.

 Next regular meeting will be held on Thursday, June 8, 2006 at 7:00 PM in the township meeting room.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM.


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