August 2006

            Newton Township Trustees met in regular session on Thursday August 10, 2006 at 7:00 PM at the Newton Township Fire Department.  Those in attendance were:  Jodie Lambert, local resident, Craig Knox and Tim Swingle, fire department personnel, Derek J. Dozer, Charles R. Elson and James R. Smith, township trustees and Bernadine E. Swingle, township fiscal officer.

             Agenda was approved as presented.

             Minutes were amended to read; Michelle Tabor instead of Nicole Tabler, otherwise  approved as presented.

             Craig Knox, EMS coordinator was first on the agenda with the following business;

The new medic is here and was placed in to service on 08-10-2006.   The old one has been sold to College Township and has been delivered.

Six members of the fire department have completed the 36 hour class; three have passed their final exams and are now considered fire fighters.

There will be a new EMT class starting approximately mid – October and will take 4 months to complete.  This will be done in house through Grant hospital.  Outside students of the class will be billed accordingly.

The air – conditioner people have not been back in to the building to complete that job.

The septic system contractor has been in contact with fire chief Deaver, no date of starting the job has been secured.

In regards to the letter sent to 7 inactive members of the department, 6 have asked to remain on the department as active fire fighters; Stephenson has resigned, but possibly will be reinstated.

Jody Lambert, township resident was present to request something be done to improve the condition of her road, this being Lower Kroft. 

Trustees Reports:

Smith reporting;

            The ditch in Ironspot needing repairs has been done.

            He has received 15 calls regarding the condition of Mahon Road.  Some stone has been applied.

            The cull – d – sac at Moxahala Park has 2 catch basins that are backing up and need to be opened up.

            Question as to whether to go ahead with the opening and overhead door in the old school house (garage).  The other 2 trustees agreed this was a go.

            Nate Atkins is still on the hunt of a stainless steel tank for the salt water truck.  See attachment.

            Smith requested to go into executive session for amending some previous minutes.  See attached:


Elson reporting:

            Ralph Stotts on Nutter road has called and wants his road chip / sealed.  He was told this was not possible this season.  Elson did state there is a dip at the end of Nutter coming onto Stine Road that needs to be leveled up.

            Atkins has requested a list of roads that each trustee is responsible for.  Dozer has agreed to provide same.

            Elson is requesting all trustees be set up a temporary schedule as to whose roads the road workers will be working at 10 day intervals each month.  It was agreed by all trustees this is a good idea and can possibly be initiated later into the fall months.

            Atkins has reported that Terry Elson is doing well on the job thus far.


Dozer reporting:

            He has spoken with Matt Russell on Foxfire Drive re; the junk cars and other debris on his property.  Russell commented he is working on it to the best of his ability and will attempt to continue to do so.

            Notice has been received from Mr. Newton of the Muskingum county Engineers’ office that the guard rail on Stine road is the responsibility of the township even though the county is responsible for taking it down originally.

            The “Asphalt Zipper” has been delivered and is scheduled for demonstration / on hands training in the next week.

            Dozer noted there are definitely some noxious weeds present on property behind the D Q on state route 345.

 Clerk reporting:

            Parnell & Assoc. has submitted a proposal of $5110.00 to chip / seal the streets in Ironspot.  This was agreeable by all three trustees.  On 08-15-2006, Parnell requested approximately $3000.00 more to complete roads in Ironspot that were not included in the original bid.  This was approved by both Dozer and Elson via phone.

            A recently retired employee used his insurance card to fill prescriptions in June following his retirement the end of May causing the township to be charged a fee of $1336.32.

            Notice has been received from Ohio LTAP re; seminars dealing with METHAMPHETAMINE  hazards along roadways and dumps.

            The OTARMA insurance contract is due for renewal.  All three trustees agreed to accept it as presented and for payment of same.

            Atkins has received two estimates on removal of the tree behind the township garage.  Trustees agreed the estimates seemed a bit pricey and tabled the issue until a later time.

            Anthem BCBS insurance for the township road employees is due for renewal and is to be renewed as presented.  Terry Elson is to be added as soon as possible.

 All bills presented were deemed to be valid expenditures and were to be paid as presented.

 Next regular meeting will be held September 7, 2006 at 7:00 pm at the fire department in the township meeting room. Notice of same has been posted on the fire house door and notice was also sent to the Times Recorder.  The August 29 meeting was canceled.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.


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